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log managementLog Management Compliance
"It saves us several hours of work every day investigating problems" Per-Anders, Cinnober
XpoLog for operations teamsOperations
"XpoLog provides the best log monitoring solution over the web" Eyal Elhadad, Traiana
XpoLog for applications teamsApplications
"Our teams are able to do investigations in 10% of the time it used to take"
Ian Bloomfield, TechOnline
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XpoLog Log Management

Log Management for Any Log. Collect, Report, View,
Search and Monitor logs

XpoLog Log Management helps to automate the collection and analysis of log events data. Log Management helps to capture and create compliance reports on log files and syslog events. PCI and SOX compliance reports can be generated in order to meet regulation. Log Management also helps in troubleshooting applications and security problems.
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SysLog Log Management

Any SysLog format
Security, System, Applications & more

XpoLog SysLog Log Management provides an analytical layer for logs that are collected through a SysLog server. XpoLog support any type of SysLog format. Log management over SysLog enables centralized repository of log events captured and stored in files. Most of Security devices and Network devices support the option of reporting the log events to a SysLog server.
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Security Log Management

Collect and Analyze Security Logs for Firewalls, IDS, Network devices and more

Security Log Management is an important capability to security teams. Compliance report and Audit of user actions are regulation necessity. Accessing log events, creating reports, monitoring logs enable proactive approach for identifying risk and isolate problems quickly. XpoLog Log Management can parse any log type and enables a log viewer, filtering, searches and correlation of events.
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Applications Log Management

Applications Log Management - Business Applications, Log4J, .Net, and more

Applications Log Management accelerates problem isolation and troubleshooting of problems. Developers, QA, Support and Operations teams can quickly understand how business transactions perform. Applications generate log events into files that are scattered across the network. XpoLog Log Management helps to non-intrusively access and normalize the logs for fast, distributed searches and high level analysis.
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